Top 5 Best Modern Cat Trees of 2017

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What’s the best modern cat tree? The primary purpose of a cat tree is to give cats an aerial perspective. To give cats a safe place to perch. To give cats safety above the ground. Any structure that can provide height can function as a cat tree. Many cat owners even allow their cats to climb book shelves. While I don’t recommend that, here is a list of the top 5 best modern cat trees for any home or apartment. Don’t settle for anything less than the five greatest, most attractive, functional cat trees.

Instead of buying the most hideous cat tree, read my top 5 list. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best modern cat trees. The list combines a mix of cat shelves, cat condos and more traditional cat trees. Regardless of the furniture, the cat’s safety is paramount. Cats need a safe cat tree. Cat owners need an attractive, modern cat tree.

1. Cat Clouds by The Refined Feline

Cat Clouds are the ultimate minimalist cat tree. I like the Cat Cloud by The Refined Feline so much that I bought three. They can be arranged into whatever cat tree best fits your space. They are ideal for apartment owners and home owners alike. The Cat Cloud is far away the number one, best, cat tree in 2017. Be sure to read the full review.

2. Lotus Cat Tower by TheRefined Feline

Like a more traditional cat tree, the Lotus Cat Tower by The Refined Feline features all the same design features of the ugly cat tree. It can be climbed. It features a safe perch. It’s stable. It contains many different scratching posts. It has a hiding spot. The only area that its lacking is on the ugly. The Lotus Cat Tower looks great in any home.

3. The Sebastian 67in Modern Cat Tree

Whether you need a stairway to your Cat Clouds, or a standalone cat tree, The Sebastian Cat Tree makes a great piece of cat furniture. Measuring in at over 5 feet tall, the Sebastian isn’t short on height. I’d be happy to display The Sebastian in my home along with other fine furniture.

4. Pawhut 54” Mid Century Modern Modular Cat Tree

With gorgeous faux fur mats and a rustic wood aesthetic, the Pawhut Modular Cat Tree sets a mid century tone. Great for homes looking to complete their Milo Baughman collection or the perfect accent piece for your Hans Wegner chair. Pawhut Cat Tree delivers a functional and visually distinct cat tree.

5. Cat Haven Cat Condo

The Cat Haven brings a touch of outdoors, indoors with its literal tree design. The tree, which really does look like a tree, contains multiple levels. Best yet, unlike other cat trees, it lets your cat hide in plain site. The leaves and branches create a functional camouflage for your urban kitty warrior. While it would take some creative wallpaper to blend with Cat Haven Cat Condo, the Cat Haven makes an excellent statement piece. Regardless of how you incorporate it, I love its modern take on the cat tree. As long as it’s not another boring, carpet covered cat tree, it deserves a second look.


Unfortunately, there are many very awful, ugly cat trees. Cat owners shouldn’t have to suffer from ugly cat trees. Most of the 10 Best Cat Trees lists, or Top 10 Best cat trees are hideous. Don’t let authors with terrible taste influence your decisions!

Follow the Urban Minimalist’s exclusive guide to the best cat trees. Even if you’re not a die hard minimalist, improve your space with these top 5 best cat trees. Not only are they the top 5 best looking cat trees. They are the top 5 overall best cat trees for any home. They are also the top 5 most engaging cat trees on the Internet. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, a condo or a tiny house. These top 5 best modern cat trees will improve your life. These top 5 best modern cat trees will improve your decor. Best yet, these top 5 best modern cat trees will allow you ditch those ugly, carpet covered cat trees. Let your cat enjoy the same great taste you have with any of these top 5 best modern cat trees.

Have a top 5 best cat tree suggestion or recommendation? Let me know in the comments below. Though, it will be tough to top this monumental list of the top 5 best modern cat trees on the Internet in 2017.