Who is Urban Minimalist

I’m you. I’m just like you. Living in the corporate plutocracy. I have to pay those bills. I can’t be a real person and be real. Otherwise, I don’t get to eat. Urban Minimalist is a security door on my panicked life. I’ve already been led away in handcuffs for making my own decisions, once. The second time, I’m divorcing my name from the whole deal. You’ll call me the Urban Minimalist. Urban for short. You’ll do what you deem to be legally right from what I write. And you won’t be blaming me.

A site about life in New York. New York City. Brooklyn is my borough. I love minimalism. I love simplicity, elegance and beauty. I am the Urban Minimalist.

I love city life and I enjoy researching products, getting stupid on drugs, cooking and living life. I want to know what the world should and shouldn’t feel like. I pride myself on making a beautiful home and I devote considerable effort outside of work to product research. And, I devote considerable effort during my work to consciousness research. I spend hours inside my own head, both sober and not. This site explores all angles of what I deem to be normal. What I deem to be the most minimal. What I deem to be the most extreme. It’s a walk through my minimal reality of all that I deem.

What is Urban Minimalist

This site is a collection of writings, essays, facts, fictions and lists about living in the city. New York City. This site uses affiliate links to pay for basic site costs. It’s my view, if you purchase something that I’ve spent the time to research, purchase and write about, then it’s mutually beneficial. The opinions and thoughts here are my own. Love it or hate it, the taste here is mine alone. The Urban Minimalist stands alone, but lives with his lovely fiancée is Downtown Brooklyn, New York.

I personally enjoy the minimalist design aesthetic. Design is a major factor in my decisions. I simply don’t like ugly things. Some think minimalism could also be the absence of goods. I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. I definitely don’t like clutter, but I’m not going through life with 1 pair of clothes in an effort to own nothing, either. Life is a balance. Removing all things leaves nothing.