Top 3 Handlebars for your Fixed Gear in 2020

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The pandemic of 2020 rekindled the worldwide love affair with bicycles. From those of us who drive cars and need exercise, to those of us who relied on public transporation, 2020 has seen an unprecedented surge in cycling. The surge has been so vast, so significant that bikes, bike components, bike tires are sold out. Wait times at local shops for even trivial work ballooned from 2 days to 2 weeks. It’s the biggest surge in cycling since the 1890s. And, it’s awesome!

If you are looking to ride bicycles and enjoy the most minimalist configuration, you’ve arrived at the right blog to learn about how to equip and enjoy your bicycle.

While there are many types of bicycles and many types of cycling, this post is focused on the most pure and direct form: Urban fixed gear riding. Whether you call it a track bike, a fixed gear bike, a fixie or just the best bike ever, you will be needing a pair of handlebars. Let’s review 3 of the best choices in 2020. To keep it simple, all three bars selected have a 31.8mm clamp.

1. Riser Bars

By far the most popular, most useful and most fun handlebar style in 2020 is the riser bicycle handlebar. While there are many different brands with wide riser bars, there is one clear winner. The Spank Oozy Trail 780 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar. Arguably, Nitto and Thomson are more popular in the fixed gear scene. However, there is a small company in Utah making handlebars primarily for mountain bikes, downhill bikes and trail bikes. These super wide bars are amazing. They provide enormous leverage over the front wheel. They make hills simple. Their patented Vibracore inner core cuts vibrations in a major way. The wide hand position allows the riders chest to open, which makes it easier to breath. Additionally, the stance is intimidating to cars in the rear view mirror. Spank actually makes an even wider bar at 800mm as well.

The only caveats to these ultra wide risers is they require a 31.8mm clamp. Not to fear, however, both Thomson and Nitto offer a 31.8mm clamp stem. Additionally, Spank makes several excellent stems that look great! Get started with Spank Oozy Trail Handlebar

2. Drop bars

Drop bars are classic. They look great on many bikes. They offer the largest number of hand positions. And, they let cyclist tuck down to fight off head winds. Keeping with the 31.8mm clamp theme, the top drop bars for your fixed gear bicycle are Thomson Carbon Road Handlebar.

These bars come in a variety of widths. While 460mm is far narrower than 780mm risers, it allows for easily slipping between cars and splitting lanes. These particular Thomson drop bars are carbon fiber. Save weight and cut down on vibrations. While Carbon fiber isn’t as durable as steel, going with a reputable brand such as Thomson minimizes any potential issues due to poor craftsmanship. Get started with Thomson Carbon Road Handlebar

3. Bullhorn bars

I rode with bullhorn handlebars for over 7 years. They are extremely reliable, versatile and great on longer rides. And, they look darn good too! If you like having alternate hand positions, but never want to get into the drops, then bullhorns are a great alternative. When it comes to fixed gear bicycles, Cinelli is a well known brand. They make great frames and they make great handlebars. Enter the Cinelli Unisex’s Bullhorn Handlebar.

Similar to the riser bars, these are made from 6061-T6 aluminium and weigh just 290g. Bullhorns offer a number of hand positions and make it a little easier to get into an aero position by reaching forward. These handlebars make use of a 31.8mm clamp. Meaning, you can purchase any of the handlebars mentioned in this article and use the same stem. Options are fantastic. Get started with Cinelli Bullhorn Handlebar


These top three handlebars are a perfect addition to your fixed gear bicycle. Cockpit changes, such as changing handlebars or seat, make the biggest changes to a bicycle’s ride experience. Get your hands on a new pair today. Also, please help to expand this list to the top five handlebars by including your favorite style, brand and model in the comments below.