The 3 Best Youtube Channels for Fixed Gear and Bicycles

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If you get your fix from riding fixed, you’re going to love these Youtube channels. There are 3 things that rock: 1. Riding fixed 2. Working on fixed 3. Watching others ride fixed. Presumably, you’ve already gone for a ride on your fixed gear bike today. If you haven’t, get out and start riding! When you get back, we can watch others ride fixed. Now, let’s get inspired to ride!

1. Matt Reyes TV

If you love fixed gear freestyle (FGFS) then you’re going to love this channel. With regular guest Andy Sparks, these videos are high quality and beautifully edited. They are an amazing source of inspiration. Concise edits makes it easy to enjoy a few videos throughout the day. Watch Matt Reyes TV

2. Reasonably Dangerous

Channel host Zach Gallardo lives and breaths fixed gear bicycles. Having spent the last year traveling to Asia to ride his fixed gear bike and emmerse himself in various bicycle friendly cultures, Zach is a down to earth person that makes riding fixed gear feel very approachable. He reviews various frames. He talks about components. And, he answers questions from viewers. Watch Reasonably Dangerous

3. Fernwee

Channel host Martijn makes gorgeous, weekly, videos about cycling. From the great sound tracks to the concise editing, these videos are worth the time. While Martijn doesn’t exclusively ride fixed gear, he does race track bikes. He rides for Botje Racing Team. His channel covers a variety of different types of bicycle riding from gravel and road to track and bike packing. Martijn is based in the Netherlands and offers an excellent glimpse of riding in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Additionally, Martijn regularly travels and films rides such as San Francisco to Los Angeles on a track bike as well as NYC sunrises. Watch Fernwee

Honorable Mentions

There are a two honorable mentions. The FOAD Gang, which has done a series of videos about fixed gear tricks. It’s worth your time if you’re intersted in Fixed Gear Free Style (FGFS). Additionally, Terry Barensten does a hotline series about messengers riding fixed gear bikes in New York City. The hotline pieces are great. Terry doesn’t ride fixed himself. But, he does have a pulse on the messenger scene and it’s worth your time as well.

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