Top 5 Best Apartment Wine Cellars of All Time

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If you enjoy wine then you know it’s important to preserve wine. And, it’s important to serve wine at the optimal temperature. It’s disappointing losing the investment in fine wine to it going bad. That’s why every real wine enthusiast owns their own wine cellar. The health benefits of wine are undisputed. Enjoying this subtle intoxicant is a wonderful part of life. Give your wine the love it deserves with the ultimate wine cellar.

In the city, having your own built-in, basement wine cellar is pretty rare. Sure, the super wealthy can afford an entire room as a dedicated wine cellar. But, what don’t the super wealthy have? For the rest of us, the best wine cellars plug in and are easy to move. This list, specifically tailored to apartment life compares wine cellars ideal for narrow spaces.

Wine cellars make amazing gifts. If your husband, wife, fiancée or boyfriend enjoys wine, even occasionally, then a wine cellar is a practical and thoughtful gift. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best wine cellars for city life of all time. The list of the 5 best wine cellars takes into consideration, cost, size, footprint and functionality.

1. Haier 16 Bottle Wine Cellar

With a curved, smoked glass front, the Haier 16 bottle makes a subtle statement. While many wine cellars gleefully show off their contents, the Haier brings an air of mystery to the inner contents. With a 16 bottle capacity and 8 chrome racks, the Haier properly tilts wine to a horizontal storage position. The Haier features two distinct compartments with independent temperature control. Powered by a quiet, efficient thermoelectric cooling system. It’s able to chill wine 46°F - 66°F

2. Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cellar

Ideal for narrow spaces, the 18 bottle Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar is budget friendly. Like other wine cellars in this list, it’s vertical and narrow. It’s ideal for apartments. The Wine Enthusiast features two distinct comparments and independent temperature control. It’s able to chill wine 46°F - 66°F

3. Kalamera 12” Wine 18 Bottle Wine Cellar

Stainless Steel features accent the front the Kalamera 12” 18 Bottle Wine Cellar. The Steel gives it a distinct, modern look. The clear glass is functional and attractive. At an impressively tiny 12 inches, Kalamera can fit almost anywhere making it ideal for space constrained apartment dwellers. It’s beefy 18 bottle capacity ensures you’ll have enough bottles to make it through the night, but a refill might be required for especially busy weekends hosting.

4. HomeImage 12 Bottle Wine Cellar

With a temperature range of 51°F - 64°F, the HomeImage 12 bottle wine cellar doesn’t get as cold as other models nor does it have the capacity. However, it’s still an excellent wine cellar. If you’re just getting into wine collecting, the HomeImage offers an excellent price point for your first major wine appliance.

5. Edgestar 6-inch 7 Bottle Wine Cellar

Edgestar 6” 7 bottle Wine Cellar is the ultimate narrow spaces wine cellar. At a tiny 6 inches wide, the Edgestar 7 bottle wine cellar brings even the most space constrained apartment properly chilled wine. With an impressive temperature range of 40°F - 65°F, the Edgestar 7 bottle has the largest temperature range on the list. The Edgestar is ideal for chilling your favorite sparkling wine. If you’re looking for the perfect wine cellar in a narrow space, look no further then the Edgestar 7 bottle Wine Cellar.


Whether you rent your apartment or own your apartment, adding a wine fridge is simple. Home owners have the luxury of space. Some of the space concerns identified in this list aren’t a factor for larger houses. This list of the ultimate apartment 5 best Wine Cellars of all time can help you find the perfect wine cellar for your apartment. The top 5 best list of wine cellars could also be called the top 5 best narrow wine cellars or even top 5 best vertical wine cellars. It’s definitely a list ideal for the most space conscientious. If you select a wine cellar not on my list, please share your wine cellar preference and why. I know the other readers will enjoy your thoughtfulness.