Cat Clouds: Cat Furniture with Great Design

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We need a real solution to ugly cat trees. I like beautiful, useful things. Probably the ugliest furniture that cat owners must tolerate is the cat tree. We all know them. Covered in cheap carpet, hair and dander; the cat tree is the single ugliest cat accessory we have been forced to endure. There has to be a solution to the ugly cat tree. Cat Clouds are the solution. Cat Clouds are a practical replacement for the ugly cat tree.

Cats are social creatures. Cat toys and cat spots must be placed in common areas. If you’ve ever bought cat furniture and put it in the corner of rarely used room, then you know how little use that cat furniture gets. As cat expert, Jackson Galaxy tells his clients, cat furniture must be placed in central areas. The same places where people regularly congregate.

When it comes to an ugly cat tree, a central location is the last place I want to see it. And, in my New York City apartment, floor space is at a premium. That’s part of what makes the Cat Cloud so unique. Not only does it give your cat height, but it also hangs on the wall, freeing valuable floor space for other use. That makes it a lot easier to put cat toys where they are needed, close to humans.

Cats are social animals, just like us. We don’t want our favorite chair in the room we spend the least amount of time. Why would cats be any different? That’s why a minimalist solution that works with limited floor space like the Cat Cloud is so exciting.

The Catalyst

When my youngest, smallest cat, Dahlia, started having behavior issues. We weren’t sure how to handle it. Dahlia would poop outside the litter box. When we traveled, she would double down. Not only did she poop outside her box, but she also pooped on my bed!

The cat pooping on my bed escalated the problem immediately. We had to devise a solution. We followed the vets advice and made diet changes and also made changes to the number and location of litter boxes. Nothing seemed to help. Then, almost by accident, I caught an episode of My Cat from Hell. It took several episodes to expose all of Jackson’s knowledge about cat behavioral issues. But, we learned a ton. I found the show very informative. One consistent theme in multiple cat households were territorial issues. Territorial issues manifest themselves in a variety of ways. One way, is pooping outside the box. Jackson’s solution is always the same: buy cat furniture and install shelves. I turned my search to Amazon to assist with arming my youngest cat with height so that she could safely look down on the living room.


Heaven in the Clouds

My search ended when I discovered the Cat Cloud. Clouds are the perfect alternative solution to a cat tree. It’s sturdy, an important consideration for the cat. It’s attractive, an important consideration for me. It also has a number of other benefits. The cat cloud comes with magnetic, carpeted pads. The pads can be removed to be cleaned or replaced. Also, since they use a large magnet to adhere to the metal shelf, there isn’t any concern the cat won’t be sure footed.

The cat cloud come in both a left and right facing version. It’s available in white, black, red, blue, off-white and titanium. The cloud is made of metal. It comes with mounting hardware, but I chose to use a more stout and beefy 100lb toggle. These shelves are incredibly high quality. The entire shelf is steel. The steel is thick enough to be sturdy, while not being so heavy they are impossible to hang.

Installing the Clouds

My apartment isn’t typical. Where most apartments in New York have the bare minimum ½ inch drywall, the drywall in my apartment is more soundproof. ¾ inch drywall has been installed throughout. Not only does thicker drywall assist is muting noisy neighbors, but it also makes it more sturdy for hanging items.

I used 100lb toggles to hang the Cat Clouds. When a stud, in my case metal, was available I opted to use it to carry the load. However, the configuration and limited wall space meant studs were not guaranteed. I installed my first two of three cat clouds in June of 2016. It took several more months to acquire the third. Our smallest, youngest cat calls the clouds home. She has put the cat clouds, and their support system, to the test over the last 8 months. She jumps from cloud to cloud letting herself land hard. Kicking off from the lower shelves to reach upper clouds she treats the platforms like a springboard. She has adapted well to the her new wall mounted playground.

Cloudy Days are a Good Thing

The Cat Clouds came with some additional benefits. Our once skittish cat has grown more confident. She proudly perches herself atop various cat clouds, surveying her kingdom. She doesn’t let its small size stop her from searching out every detail and faithfully studying any changes in the landscape. Dahlia also enjoys napping and playing different games from the comfort of the clouds.

The clouds are modern art. Not only are they popular with the cats, but they are also very popular with guests. The Cat Clouds are an excellent conversation piece. When guests visit, they don’t even realize the Cat Clouds are for cats. Until, Dahlia decides to put her clouds to use. Once Dahlia makes an appearance and climbs onto her cloud, every guest is so taken with it, they kindly ask to take a photo. Dahlia doesn’t mind showing off, and we happily oblige. It’s part of the reason I had to write this review. The Cat Clouds deserve to take their rightful position as the best cat furniture for urban living. And, the Cat Clouds are a minimalists dream. The Cat Clouds are by far the best investment I have made in cat furniture.

The Clouds aren’t as clear a sign as an ugly, carpet covered cat tree that we are a cat friendly house. But, that’s a good thing. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Cat Clouds. They make a great addition to my home and are well worth the money. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to an ugly cat tree, take a look at the Cat Cloud.

Be sure to read my Top 5 Best Modern Cat Trees list if your are in the market for a new, attractive cat tree. I personally think the Cat Cloud is the ultimate solution, but you might need a stairway into your clouds.