Top 5 Things Every Bachelor Must Own

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If you’re single when you graduate from college, then you’ll need a few tools. These tools won’t help you grow up. They won’t ruin the single life. And, they don’t cost much. But, this list of the top 5 things every bachelor must own will make life a lot easier. This is the perfect care package for any bachelor. Sure, there are lots of things like a couch, lamps and a TV that are nice but aren’t needed. Somehow, the couch and a TV are the first things to appear in any single guy’s apartment. This list is about need, not optional, but need. Every bachelor needs the following 5 things.

1. Knife and Cutting Board

Even if you don’t cook, your boyfriend or girlfriend might. A knife and cutting board are required. Not to mention, if you want to put a lime in your beer, you need a knife.

2. Trashcan and Trash Bags

Especially in the bathroom! Brothers, women menstruate. They need to dispose of things in the bathroom. Put a trashcan in there. Occasionally, empty it. It’s really not that hard. Put another in the kitchen for general trash and food trash. If you put things in it, empty it. Not just when it smells. Don’t forget the bags

3. Crockpot

The easiest way to get hot food and not actually have to cook, or pay twice what it’s worth, is the Crockpot. Crockpots are a bachelors best friend. Not to mention, you can cook up drugs in it. Or, just make a lot of BBQ.

4. Paper Towels

Just stealing napkins isn’t good enough. Buy a roll of paper towels. When you run out, buy more. These disposable pieces of paper are useful for cleaning up spills and signaling you’re not completely incapable of caring for yourself.

5. Condoms

This is self explanatory. But yes, keep condoms in the house. Even if you think buying condoms curses your chances of hooking up. It’s a pain in the butt to find them later. And, drunk is no time to work on your pull-out technique. Not to mention, safe sex is smart sex. I don’t mind you sharing about your STDs but actually sharing your STDs isn’t kosher, kemosabe. I recommend keeping a few latex condoms and a few non latex condoms around.


The bachelor life is fantastic. Endless nights out, zero commitments, plenty of spare cash. It’s the time of life when legends are born. It’s the time in life epic bad decisions are made. Making bachelorhood easy makes it better. This list of the top 5 things every bachelor must own are often overlooked. Arm the bachelor in your life with this list of essentials. And, if you are looking for a nice knife, check out my list of the 5 best Santoku knives under $40

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