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Are you a corporation or brand seeking a product review?

I do accept products for review with the following caveats.

No Sponsored Posts

I will write my own opinion. I do not write sponsored posts. If I give a glowing review it’s because the product earned that review. If the product has issues and I’ve agreed to do a review, I will have to post that fact. I will, however, accept revised products and update reviews.

Free Products Disclosed

If you send me a free product, be it for a limited period of time or forever. I will have to disclose this fact to readers. I usually state this clearly upfront on any posts.

Only Appropriate Products

I can, and will, only review products appropriate to the Urban Minimalist brand. No adult, pornographic content. I’m not going to review anything ugly. So what are appropriate products? Headphones are a fact of life in any city. I own at least a dozen pair already. I regularly browse the headphone market. If you’re unsure if your product fits with the Urban Minimalist brand, contact me.